About Voicalls

Voicalls was founded by a team of ordinary IT guys with an extraordinary vision of making the world of telecommunication easier and more affordable for everyone. This team combined their technical skill set and creativity to create something they had always thought should be the industry standard. With strong will and determination and their excellent services they are exceeding their own expectations.
This company managed to earn the consumers trust and loyalty with their state of the art devices with a simple to use interface and exceptional customer service by going the extra mile for each and every customer.
Voicalls provides residential and business communication services each offering unbeatable prices and unique features. Features like Find me/Follow me, virtual assistant and abbreviated dialing is what makes Voicalls as unique as it is.
With the Voicalls packages being as affordable as they are it allows you to have the latest features and equipment while maintaining your budget.

In a world where telecommunication has become viral and it has proven it is always going to be this way, this team is striving to have the easiest and most up to date equipment and services to ensure people always find a way to communicate with each other without much effort. Voicalls is working their way to being the new industry standard.