Friday, September 20, 2013

No More Contracts, Says Voicalls | Voip Canada

No More Contracts, Says Voicalls

September 20th 2013

Voicalls Telecom has announced a plan for all of Voip Canada to discontinue any contractual obligations with their customers that is not either paid monthly or prepaid for 6-12 months. The move is seen as a way to enhance their cash flow as well as avoid the inevitable conflict with its customers in cases where the customers default payments.

The company will however continue offering its traditional services as well as come up with new ones. “This does not mean that the services we offer our clients are going to be disrupted. In fact, we will continue improving our services through continuous innovation and research”, says the company’s Telecom Marketing Department. With the increased competition in the Telecoms market, business strategists are looking for innovative ways to free up cash tied in long term contracts with clients in order to be able to fund infrastructural development as well as research and design. This is what informed the move by Voicalls to work on a prepaid model with their customers. Voicalls prides itself as a market leader in terms of quality and customer service. The company is keen to protect this reputation in order to keep its customers. Keeping customers is very hard if you do not have the necessary modern infrastructure and personnel. The money freed by the new model will go a long way to keep these customers happy.

Voicalls is a Telecommunications company based in Canada that offers Residential and Business communication services. It was formed by a team of IT techies who sought to set the industry standards through creativity and affordable services. With creative features such as Find me/Follow me, Hosted PBX and abbreviated dialing, Voicalls is the Telecom to beat.

For more information, you can write to Voicalls Telecom through their contact page at Contact Voicalls Telecom or through their e-mail . You can also follow the company through their Facebook page or Twitter or Google Plus

Monday, September 9, 2013

Voip Canada Voicalls Small Business Plan

The Small Business Plan offered by Voicalls | Voip Canada
$29/Month including all the features you will need for your business

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Voicalls Corporate Plan

    Starting at only $75/Month 
     4 Extensions w/Voicemail 
     500 Min North America 
     Caller ID 
     Call Waiting 
     911 Calling 
     Voicalls-2-Voicalls Free 
     Abbreviated Dialing 
     24/7 Online Account Access 
     Keep your Current Number 
     Do not disturb 
     Find me/Follow me No Contract
    If you are looking for Voip Toronto services, than look no further
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